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Squish Candies - Assorted Gummy Bag
Squish Candies

Squish Candies - Assorted Gummy Bag

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Unicorn Magic:

Take a trip to a land of magic and fantasy. We call it your living room. This vegan mix gives you a taste of all the wonders this land has to offer, from whimsical creatures to your veggies (24 Carrot Magic is enchantingly delicious, we promise). What will you explore first?


Ideal for a themed birthday party

All vegan treats

Pairs great with a classic Disney movie

 Net Weight | 300g

12 mini packs

6 flavours


Squishflix & Chill:

You’re not the only snack showing up to movie night. Just you, the tv, and six of your closest new friends. Munch on your cult classics like the Cola Bottles or try an up-and-coming star like the Brain Freeze for a movie marathon to remember. Up for another one? We’ll bring the snacks.


Snacks that’ll last way past the previews

Never pay for cinema candy again

You bring the snacks, they bring the chill

 Net Weight | 300g

12 mini packs

6 flavours

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