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Disc Golf

Latitude 64 - Eco Pure Putter
Eco Plastic: Want to play disc golf in a more environmental friendly manner? Eco is made from biobased plastic containing a majority of raw materials from renewable resources. Eco has a firm feel, a tacky grip and is perfect for that fast consistent relea
MVP - R2 Ion Putter 2.5
The Ion is a beaded putter.
The Ion's beaded rim design makes it a straight to overstable flier. Power putters can use the Ion with confidence. It is capable of holding long powerful lines with a late subtle fade. This makes it a very versatile putter th
MVP - Mini Marker
The Nano is a mini disc suitable for playing mini disc golf or as a marker in competitive disc golf. It bears the same premium quality, aesthetics, and high production standards as our golf discs in half the diameter. Mark your lie in style, and reinforce
Innova - Mini Marker
Most players use minis to mark their lie. A must for tournament play. They are also great flying discs too. Used in mini disc golf for drives and putts. About 23 grams. Minis are available in a variety of colours. Sold individually!
Westside Discs - Maiden
If you're looking for a neutral putter with a thin profile, the Maiden fits the bill. The Maiden is surprisingly resistant to turn with little fade.

Best Choice for: Short to medium drives, Accuracy approaches, Placement shots

Speed: 3 Glide: 4 Turn
Westside Discs - Shield Putter
Westside's newest putter on the market, the Shield, is the next step up from the Swan. Designed with a tacky grip in the BT plastics, the Shield is a little thicker and has a small bead on the rim. It holds a stable line when throwing as an approach and a
Innova - Joel Freeman Gator Fairway
Gators are already known as the "Firebird" of mid-ranges, but these beefy Joel Freeman Champion Gator3s are built to handle an extra-mean snap. They've got the teeth to bite through the roughest of winds, and the flat top gives them a smooth and accurate
Latitude 64 - Retro Dagger Putter
The Dagger is a deep dish putter with a bead. The deep dish means that more air can be trapped underneath the disc, making the Dagger stay longer in the air. The slow and stable flight gives you more control in your short game.

Best Choice for: All-aro
Latitude 64 Diamond Driver
This is the first time Diamonds have been produced in a weight over 170g.

Best Choice for: **Beginners**, Hyzer flips, predictable turning drives

Speed: 8 Glide: 6 Turn: -3 Fade: 1
Dynamic Discs - Lucid Fairway
The Evader is your new go-to fairway driver. It has controllable speed with excellent glide and enough stability to hold the line, even into the wind. The Evader's 7-speed means that you can count on it to fill the distance gap between your 5-speed midran
Dynamic Discs - Prime Deputy Putter
The Deputy allows for easy turnover flights at faster speeds and smooth straight flights at low speeds. Those with smaller hands or who prefer slimmer, beadless profiles will love the feel of the Deputy, as it is slightly more shallow than the Judge, Ward
Innova - Standard Bag
The Innova Standard Bag is a high quality, durable, and lightweight bag. It is designed for players that do not wish to carry a large bag.

The Standard Bag holds up to 12 discs with room for accessories.
There is a quick access front putter pocket as
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