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Welcome back to the new normal!

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Welcome back to the new normal!

Welcome back friends!


It's certainly been an interesting and extremely challenging few months. We've had the opportunity to really step back from our regular day to day and refocus on how we operate. One of the things we did was to develop a much needed, put off, do another We had one a few years back and decided to shut it down and focus all of our attention on regular physical operations. But when a pandemic hits, and you have to take the physical out of your brick and mortar, you are left with thinking outside the box. Us, like many small businesses, were left scrambling, trying to stay in business by whatever means we could muster. The website was an obvious choice. It was an incredible amount of work. We had to reprogram all of our inventory as it wasn't set up to be put online (I apologize to the lovely staff who are going to have to do inventory!).


But, fast forward almost 3 months, and here we are. Open again. But it certainly isn't business as usual. We wanted to highlight the few changes that we have in place to keep you lovely folks and us safe.


- A maximum of 3 people will be allowed in the store and customers must maintain physical distancing of 2 meters. If the store is at capacity, you will be asked to wait.
- There are directional arrows on the floor
- Customers will be required to use the hand sanitizer station upon entry.
- Any clothing tried on will be immediately placed in our stock room, left for 24 hours and steamed before putting it back on the floor.
- Curbside and in store pickup will still be offered for those who would rather shop from
- We ask anyone exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 to please refrain from entering the store and use our website and curbside pickup.
- Commonly touched areas will be disinfected throughout the day. Dressing rooms will be disinfected after use.
- We will be wearing a mask and ask that you do if possible.


We are excited to see you all and wish everyone safety and love. 

The Coast Fam! xo


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